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6th Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference 2015

The Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference is an annual platform that was inaugurated in 2010 in Athens by three principal government leaders in the Mediterranean and Caspian regions: Antonis Paschalides, Energy Minister of Cyprus, Natiq Aliyev, Energy Minister of Azerbaijan, and Yiannis Maniatis, Energy Minister of Greece. Ever since, the Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference has been established as an exclusive conference of the oil and gas industry in the region, attracting investors, government leaders and oil industry professionals. This year, Energy Stream CMG GmbH organised the 6th Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference 2015 on 25 & 26 May 2015, at the Hilton Cyprus in Nicosia.

The recent upstream gas discoveries in Cyprus and Israel and the future deep offshore drilling from leading oil majors and oil independents reflect the dynamism and future growth of hydrocarbons in Eastern Mediterranean. The Conference brought international oil and gas business leaders, government policy decision makers, together with investors to facilitate financial and commercial agreements in the natural gas industry of Cyprus and Israel. The aim of the conference was to achieve a round table discussion with the Cypriot government in order to promote investments and to bring natural gas companies and government leaders to Cyprus, the potential LNG hub in Eastern Mediterranean.

The 6th Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference 2015 focused on the upstream developments in East Mediterranean. What is the impact of declining oil prices on the future upstream in Cyprus and Israel? What are the commercial and geopolitical implications for the Cypriot Egyptian natural gas co-operation? What are the geopolitical risks in Eastern Mediterranean and what is the role of the European Energy Union?  What are the strategic objectives of US, Russia, and China in East Mediterranean gas industry? These strategic questions were addressed at the 6th Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference 2015. The decisions of the governments and the oil majors affected the gas infrastructure investments. As Europe aims to create a unified, flexible, and fully integrated natural gas market new gas supplies were strengthen its energy security.

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