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Environmental Tracking in Investment Decisions

We were delighted to announce the talk organised by the newly formed ESCP Europe Energy Society. Guest speaker Sam Gill shared key insights on Environmental Tracking in investment decisions and presented ET Index.

Sam Gill

The presentation took place on 2nd March, 2015 at ESCP Europe's London Campus, 5:00 pm in room G74.

Sam Gill, CEO, ET Index

Sam Gill is an environmental entrepreneur whose vision is to change the way money is invested in companies.

After starting his career at Google, Sam decided to combine his passion for entrepreneurship with his immediate concern for the climate crisis. Taking the spirit embodied by Google - that by bringing together smart, motivated people, anything is possible - Sam began developing the Environmental Tracking concept.

Since 2010 Sam has led the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), a not-for-profit research body to become the first and only organisation in the world to produce an annual series of public Carbon Rankings, scoring the world's largest listed companies by their greenhouse gas emissions and disclosure. These Environmental Tracking Carbon Rankings are designed to pave the way for a series of stock market indexes, based on the rankings, which redirect capital away from the most polluting companies towards the cleanest, most efficient.

In 2014 with support from the European Commission's Climate KIC accelerator programme, he founded ET Index Ltd which is designed to commercialise and develop the Environmental Tracking Index Series, with a view to making it available to investors later in the year.

Sam is author of Environmental Tracking 3.0, serves on the Board of a human rights NGO, and mentors several start ups.

About ET Index

ET Index is dedicated to helping investors understand, manage and reduce carbon risk.

We aim to do this by providing investors with corporate carbon emissions data, portfolio carbon footprinting and reporting services, as well as low carbon indexes that can act as the next generation of index benchmarks.

Underpinned by public, transparent ET Carbon Rankings, each ET Index is not only designed to reduce carbon exposure for investors but also to act as an engagement tool to encourage constituent companies to lower emissions.

The Environmental Tracking (ET) concept was developed by the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), an independent not-for-profit research body in collaboration with the Climate KIC, the EU's main climate innovation initiative.

ET Index was established in February 2014 and nurtured at the Imperial College Innovations Incubator before moving into offices in Canary Wharf, joining the Level39 community in October 2014.



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