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Energy transition 2.0 - Back to the beginning?

'Energy transition 2.0 - Back to the beginning?'

Currently, both Germany and Europe are undertaking a fundamental shift in energy policy with a view to a comprehensive redesign of energy supply structures.

The Energiewende (a German term coined specifically for the changes currently taking place, which consists of phasing out nuclear power and replacing it with the expansion of renewable energy) is currently the hottest topic in domestic politics. With increased costs, the policy makers and the voters are constantly challenged by the ever new scenarios. Meanwhile, the industry is mainly concerned with its competitiveness.

On 28th November, the ESCP Europe Berlin Campus will welcome economic and political experts to discuss about this crucial topic. The event is part of a series of talks on energy-relevant topics organised by ESCP Europe Business School, together with Ernst & Young.

The invitation can be downloaded here.

Please note that this event will take place entirely in German.

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