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What is the impact of the commodities market on business cycles and individual decisions? 

This was the focus of the December edition of INFO Magazine, The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain's bi-monthly magazine.

Several RCEM experts contributed to this fascinating point of discussion, and we are delighted to share the complete set of articles available to the Centre's subscribers:

Commodity markets: a lot of attention but little understanding, Gougeon
Commodities timeline
Commodities and their main drivers, Lambert
The role of banks in the commodity markets, Brown & Hug
Regulatory and accounting issues, Farrell, Henley & Rahmani
Should we blame the speculators, Stack
In defence of commodity markets, Noel
Risk exposure and challenges facing commodity producers, Cole

Michelin: a commodity-based industry, Le Corre & Gougeon
EDF Energy: a utility view of commodities risk, Spence
Commodities: a new asset class for many types of investors, Combes
A focus on commodity indexes, Andriosopoulos


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