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OR in Energy Modeling and Management

Guest editors: Kostas Andriosopoulos1, Constantin Zopounidis2,3, Michael Doumpos2

1ESCP Europe Business School
Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM)
527 Finchley Road, Hampstead, London NW3 7BG, UK

2Technical University of Crete
School of Production Engineering and Management
University Campus, 73100 Chania, Greece

3Audencia School of Management, Nantes, France


About the SI

Few would dispute the assertion that we are entering a new energy era: global demand for oil booms as supplies decline; price volatility and geopolitical instability are increasingly common, as are globalization and market deregulation; and all the while environmental concerns grow. Both collectively and individually these factors call for a significant restructuring of the energy sector to improve efficiency and develop new sustainable energy sources. This requires the consideration of a number of issues of engineering and economic nature that start from the exploitation of the available energy resources (e.g., fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables and green energy, etc.), the analysis and estimation of future demand, the design of the energy mix, the energy production process, the management of distribution networks, as well as the promotion of energy efficiency in all areas of human activity, the modeling and control of energy prices, and the management of the environmental impacts of energy production and use.

Dealing with the complex nature of such issues calls for sophisticated approaches.Operations research (OR) is highly relevant in this context and a plethora of analytic and computational techniques have been widely used, including but not limited to deterministic and stochastic optimization, network models, metaheuristics, fuzzy systems, simulation, forecasting, multiple criteria decision making, and efficiency analysis techniques.

In this framework, the objective of the Special Issue is to present new research results on the theory and modern practice of modeling and management of energy systems using OR approaches. The areas of interest include energy planning, networks design and management, smart grids, production optimization, efficiency analysis, optimization and assessment of renewable and sustainable/green energy systems, environmental issues, risk management, decision-making in the energy markets, and energy pricing, among others.

The Special Issue seeks to publish novel research and reflect the most recent advances on the latest contributions of OR on the above areas, covering new modeling techniques and formulations, as well as innovative case studies providing intensive numerical results.

Authors can submit their papers any time after 30th January 2014 and up until 30th July 2014. Online submission can be found at and when asked, choose the Special Issue title OR in Energy from list of Article Types provided. All submissions should meet Computers & Operations Research author guidelines (also available at  )

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