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The climate risk playing field is changing rapidly for the oil and gas industry.  Methane emissions management was previously a niche or emergent issue for investors and companies alike; however, only one business week into 2016, developments suggest it is becoming a mainstream issue that is capturing increasing public, investor and environmental advocacy attention.

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Global energy markets, geopolitics and petrochemical industry business models have been profoundly altered by the shale revolution in America.  In "The Boom," Wall Street Journal senior energy reporter Russell Gold provides a balanced account of the history, personalities and technology of fracking - the story that transformed the North American energy landscape - and describes in easily understandable prose how previously inaccessible natural gas and oil is extracted from shale on an industrial scale.

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The Energy Information Agency projects that global energy consumption will increase 56 percent by 2040.  Yet, energy companies' collective failure to engage proactively with a global population jeopardizes sustainable energy solutions and hydrocarbon development.  This shortsightedness presents strategic risks for energy companies and global energy consumers.

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